The Darcy Perry Band

Written by Darcy Perry Monday, 06 November 2006
From the first track you know you're in for something special. A cocktail of
jazz, blues, funk and soul, all in a modern context. World music created
effortlessly by some of Aotearoa's finest musicians with Liam Ryan at the
helm. Some reviewers might say Light Moves (track 2) sounds a bit like
Ronny Jordan or there are elements of electronica and hip-hop. I can assure
you the roots to this tree go deeper. ‘Mississippi 2 Mauao’ is not an
imitation of some overseas artist or trend. You only have to look at some of
the heavy weights brought in to lend their mojo. This is a journey of sound,
conscious of its roots and aware of it's destination.

For many, Liam Ryan is the keyboardist and songwriter from The Narcs ((You
Took Me) Heart and Soul, Diamonds On China). Well The Narcs are long gone.
This is the man as you've never heard him before. In my honest opinion, it's
his best work to date. If you want to feel some real music, search out this
disc. No matter what your current mood, ‘Mississippi 2 Mauao’ is guaranteed to
soothe and groove
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